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Over 33 Years of Excellence

Over 33 Years of Excellence

American Medical Software is proud to be celebrating over 33 years of excellence in the medical software industry. Building upon our excellent company history, AMS continues to lead the industry by providing and maintaining the greatest value in medical office software systems for physicians of all specialties. Since our beginning in 1984, we have sold thousands of systems nationwide. Continued… Read more →

Protecting Your Electronic Medical Records from Cybersecurity Threats

Simply put, cybersecurity refers to how to best protect networks, computers, programs, and data alike from any sort of unauthorized access to any information on them. Cybersecurity risk can drive up costs, and directly impact an organization’s bottom line. When managing a medical software system with personal information like health care data, one cannot understate the importance of cybersecurity, and… Read more →

Training on Electronic Medical Records Software

Training Your Staff on New Electronic Medical Records Software Once you’ve made the decision to implement electronic medical records software, the next step is making sure your employees know how to use it. It’s not unusual for medical software implementation to be met with some pushback. After all, transitioning from paper-based files to an electronic system can seem overwhelming for physicians,… Read more →

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