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What Patients Really Think About Using Your EHR in the Exam Room?

What Patients Really Think About Using Your EHR in the Exam Room?

As we have touched on before, a very real concern amongst physicians in any practice utilizing electronic health record (EHR) systems is that they may be damaging or limiting patient interaction. Because of this, the overall patient experience suffers drastically. This thought process tends to make physicians hesitant about the use of EHRs in the exam rooms, in order to… Read more →

Free EHR Software - Is It Worth It?

Free EHR Software – Is It Worth It?

Most people can get behind the phrase, “the best things in life are free.” If you don’t spend money on something, then you can’t be disappointed, right? In the case of companies that offer free EHR software to their clientele, this argument has no ground to stand on, and could not be more wrong. The bottom line is this: if it… Read more →

Ensuring that EMR Software Doesn't Discourage Interaction

Ensuring that EMR Software Doesn’t Discourage Interaction

One concern many physicians have when deciding to implement an Electronic Medical Records software (EMR), is that it will interfere with the doctor-patient interaction. Many physicians worry that they will spend too much time looking at their computer and updating charts, rather than speaking with their patients. It’s an issue that can cause frustration on both sides. Physicians want to… Read more →

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