The Truth About Cloud-Based EHR Software

Are you having a hard time making a decision between cloud-based or client-server based EHR software? Here’s the short answer – there are certainly pros and cons to both, but it really depends on the type of practice you are dealing with and how you operate.

In this article, we will talk specifically about the advantages of cloud-based EHR software. If you think these characteristics will benefit your practice, then you just might have the service type you are looking for.

Generally, cloud-based medical software can make keeping up with an ever-changing industry with increased data and security demands a little easier, but here are more practice-specific benefits. Picture of Cloud Computing

Cuts Costs

There is no set up fee when it comes to cloud computing. You can use these sophisticated software systems while limiting any upfront costs for maintenance and training. The simplicity from that perspective is certainly something that appeals to a lot of practices given that you can increase efficiency and decrease some of your front-end spend on your servers.

Maintenance Free

With cloud-based systems, you are obviously not dealing with a physical piece of hardware. You don’t have to worry about servers ever crashing. Because of that, if you ever have an issue with your system, you don’t have to wait until a technician comes out to look at it. Cloud EHR systems allow for constant updates, making it so that these visits are not necessary.


There is nothing more critical to a practice or vendor than working to keep patient data safe and private. With cloud-based servers, you never have to worry or think about system failures. To further reassure the security of your patients’ records and information, all data stored within the cloud is encrypted in order to prevent any sort of unauthorized access of protected patient information.


In today’s world, the importance of this trait cannot be understated. Cloud computing, as you may already know, gives us the ability to access data on the go and virtually wherever, or whenever for that matter, you need it. Whether you are off or on-site, you can access patient data and not be restricted in where or when you sift through in order to pull something you may need. Obviously client-server based solutions can be far more restricting in this realm.

Increase in Collaboration

For any practice to operate to their patients liking, there needs to be a large amount of communication and sharing of patient data across fields. Cloud-based systems allow for staff to share and access documents at any moment from anywhere. This can create added collaboration amongst the many experts in different realms within your practice. This ability to have increased collaboration could greatly benefit your patients and your practice as a whole.


Practice Growth

Dealing with growth within your practice is a lot easier with cloud-based technology. Adding new patients can be done so quickly and efficiently, expanding your system as your practice continues to grow.

No matter which you decide to go with, both client-server and cloud-based systems have great benefits to the practices they serve. The characteristics and needs of your practice really can make the decision on which you should go with. Let one of our experts help you decide which solution works best for you. Call today for pricing and a FREE web demonstration.  

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