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Office efficiency, or lack thereof, can have a lasting impact on both employee morale and customer satisfaction. Office inefficiency can lead to a breakdown in office communication, poor patient flow, and costly errors that require your staff’s time to correct. These issues negatively impact your productivity, patient trust, and ultimately, your bottom line. Fortunately, the right practice management software can solve these problems. Medical Software

A breakdown in communication between staff members can lead to issues with billing and frustrate staff and patients alike. Having the right practice management software can make poor communication a thing of the past by streamlining your communication lines, and allowing doctors to communicate directly with their patients. This communication efficiency extends to all facets of your practice easily through your practice management software to your patient portal, and EMR quickly and easily.

The patient portal provides patients with the ability to follow up on their prescription refills and test results, set up appointments, and ask questions, all without tying up a phone line for extended periods. Patients can also cut down on their time waiting in the office by completing forms ahead of appointments through the patient portal and eliminate your staff’s time copying or scanning forms at each visit. This minimizes errors due to being rushed, or not being aware that a piece of information would be needed on a form once at the office. Medical practice management systems can also help ensure that patients receive their billing notifications electronically through their patient portal, significantly cutting down on billing turnaround time, and saving on resources through paperless transactions. Hassle-free online billing contributes to patient satisfaction and facilitates timely payments.

As with any new system, proper training is required to make sure that it can achieve its full potential at your practice. While some staff will be slower to accept the new workflow, tracking the new system and reporting the improved efficiency can instill them with confidence that they are saving themselves and their patients valuable time. Providing incentives and listening to employee issues when adapting to the new system can help expedite the learning process, and assures that once integrated it will make their lives easier.

Cloud-based practice management software has the added ability of being able to be accessed from anywhere, allowing doctors and staff to use while out of the office. The enhancement to your practice will be evident in your practice’s increased efficiency, bottom line, and satisfaction among employees and patients alike.

If you practice is in need of greater efficiency in the form of medical software, contact American Medical Software to get a free demo.

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