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Let’s start out with a simple one – Who uses EHR Software? Any sort of healthcare provider uses an EHR software. Whether that be hospitals, family/private practices, medical groups, specialized clinics, etc. If they provide a healthcare service, no matter what it may be, they use an EHR system. What are the distinctions of EHR […]

EHR Cost Benefit Analysis

All healthcare institutions have been mandated to have Electronic Health Records going back to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Obama in 2014. As Americans, it’s often our first thought that added regulation on business means a drop in overall cost-effectiveness. But was this actually the case in this instance? Well, it’s […]


The Questions You Should Ask When Considering Medical Billing Software Getting paid in a timely manner is vital for any practice, regardless of your size, stature and financial standing. While the norm is to provide the service, then start the payment process, it should be said that with the correct medical billing software in place, that […]