Videos – Client Testimonials

Dr. Carmen Espirtu • Pain and Rehab Specialist

Dr. Carmen Espiritu talking about American Medical Practice Management Software capabilities. [youtubegallery] Dr. Carmen Espiritu Pain and Rehab Specialist| [/youtubegallery]

Joy Wellman • Medical Billing

Joy Wellman shares how American Medical Software has helped her grow her Medical Billing Company and provide superior reporting for her physician clients. [youtubegallery] Joy Wellman Medical Billing| [/youtubegallery]

Dr. Naeem Qureshi • Psychiatry

Dr. Naeem Qureshi discusses why he selected American Medical Software for his Psychiatry practice and how it benefits his staff on a daily basis. [youtubegallery] Dr. Naeem Qureshi Psychiatry| [/youtubegallery]

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