Oncology EMR Software

Oncology EMR Software

Oncology EMR Software


Highly Rated Oncology EMR Software

Is your oncology practice looking for highly-rated EMR software? Our software, designed for oncologists, is the perfect solution to running a more efficient practice. We know the software demands in oncology can be very challenging but our Ultra Charts software can easily handle the challenge. Our medical software includes four modules to help your office improve their bottom line. The modules included are electronic medical records, patient portal, medical billing and management, and appointment scheduling.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying:
“We appreciate that American Medical Software listens to our requests and try to encompass them in updates to the software. Version 20 Practice Management System has met all the needs of our practice. Enhancements to the Patient Charting section were very useful and appreciated by our physicians.” -D. Ray, Administrator

“I have been using American Medical Software’s complete EMR, Billing and Scheduling modules in my practice since 2002. I chose AMS after many months of reviewing numerous products. In the end I chose AMS because it provided everything I needed for my surgery practice, at a reasonable cost. The company is committed to constantly improving their products, and is more than willing to listen to and incorporate their customer’s suggestions. The software has performed without any problems for us for over five years. In addition, the technical support is very helpful and reliable and I recommend including the unlimited technical support option as part of a purchase of this product. AMS software has allowed me to move into the electronic medical record age years before most of my colleagues. To anyone considering making the change from paper to electronic, I strongly recommend making the change, and considering AMS as your EMR vendor.” -P. K. Bamberger, M.D., Pennsylvania

Ready to learn more? Below you will find more information about each of the modules included in the Ultra Charts medical software.

Appointment Scheduling Icon

Appointment Scheduling

w/ Open Encounter Tracking

From the moment a patient requests an appointment, your practice can be completely digital in that patients journey. This will ensure no important information is missed or necessary paperwork has been lost.


Enjoy fast patient appointment requests
Easily find next available appointments

Voice and call reminder interfacing
Confirm, track and search appointments
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Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

w/ ePrescribing

Your EMR software should communicate, with speed, to all other modules within your medical software so that you can give the best care possible to patients. Learn more about our EMR and how it can help your practice provide top of the line care.


Save time and money with fast chart pulls
Virtually eliminate down-coding

Fast medication history and tracking
Results tracking and test ordering
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Medical Billing Software Icon

Medical Billing and Management

w/ eClaims

Track and improve practice efficiency with our medical billing and management software. A practice that is running efficiently is a practice that has time for more patients and will ultimately increase their bottom line.


Revenue management reports

Family friendly invoicing and billing
Improved insurance reimbursement

Productivity tracking
EMR integration
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Patient Portal Icon

Patient Portal

w/ Secure Messaging

In today’s world, people want, and ultimately expect, the information that they are seeking to be available within minutes if not seconds. A patient portal from American Medical Software will lead to faster client communication, easy access to needed paperwork, and will improve patient satisfaction.


Fast access to needed paperwork
Secure electronic messaging
Appointment reminders

Personal health records
Easily send attachments
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Looking for more information and help on selecting the right EMR software? Check out our EMR software quick reference guide that will help you make the best decision for your practice.


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“Your program is the best.”

Kay Davis, Pulmonary

“…the best product and customer service.”

Kent Browning, Billing Service

“…the best Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records solution on the market today.”

Dr. R. Hartwell, Neurosurgery

“AMS is easy to use and dependable.”

Dr. A. Ajayi, Pediatrics

“…support has been great!”

Dr. G. Knapp, Family Practice

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