Orthopedics EMR Software

Orthopedics EMR Software

Orthopedic EMR Software 

Looking for medical software for an orthopedic practice? Find out why American Medical Software is highly rated!

American Medical Software understands that medical practices of all types need highly specialized software to meet their demands. That’s why American Medical Software has been an industry leader for over 34 years! In order to run a more efficient and ultimately a more profitable practice, it is important that your staff has the proper tools. The Ultra Charts™ software package from American Medical Software includes four modules to help you get there. The fully-integrated modules included are, electronic medical records, patient portal, medical billing and management, and appointment scheduling.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Our Orthopaedic Center has been with American Medical Software since 2005. We could not function as well without the software. Each year the software gets stronger and provides us ways in which we can cut the time needed on billing. This is by far the best software offering EMR, prescription drug, test follow-up and so much more. We love the staff and get help with a smile when needed. This software is very user friendly yet powerful enough to rival that of the more expensive softwares. If anyone is needing an all-inclusive medical solution, then AMS is your best bet for the price.” –S, Gleaton, Office Manager, Alabama, Orthopaedics

“In the Electronic Patient Chart, the ability to use conditional and key phrases makes modifying templates to suit the individual patients so quick and easy. The “F9″ key has become my favorite key on the computer. It will turn a few letters into complete sentences with a single keystroke. The ability to run a template from within a template with a double click has given us the ability to use table computers which are much less distracting for patients and have saved us the expense of having to put a workstation in every exam room…. Not to mention the significant savings in transcription expenses.” -Dr. J. MacMillan, Kansas, Orthopedic Medicine 


Learn more about the four modules that are included in the orthopedics medical software application from American Medical Software.

Appointment Scheduling Icon

Appointment Scheduling

w/ Open Encounter Tracking

From the time that a patient sets an appointment, our appointment scheduling software will allow for an entirely electronic patient journey. Quickly search through patient appointments to prepare for any potential delays upon patient arrival.


See week at a glance,
Tag, add, change, & copy appts.,
Track patient wait times,

Electronic encounter tracking,
Search next available appt.,
Plus more. Click here to learn more about the appointment-scheduling module.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

w/ ePrescribing

The electronic medical records module was created to increase overall productivity and efficiency. Our goal is for you and your practice to stay concentrated on your patients, not your software.


Scan/import images & documents,
Immunization/Vaccine schedules & uploads,

Flow sheets & growth charts,
Lower chart storage costs & fewer pulls,
Plsu more. Click here to learn more about the electronic medical records module.

Medical Billing Software Icon

Medical Billing and Management

w/ eClaims

Know exactly where you practice stands financially at any given time with our medical billing and management module. Also, get the tools you need to run reports in order to determine what areas of your practice need improvement.


EMR integration,

A/R tracking with reminders/notes,

Easy inventory tracking,

Patient friendly statements,

Color coded ledger cards,

Plus more. Click here to learn more about the medical billing management module.

Patient Portal Icon

Patient Portal

w/ Secure Messaging

We know that patients want to see their medical records just as quickly as they can access all of their social media profiles. The patient portal was designed with security and patient convenience in mind.


Secure patient messaging,
Message appointment requests,

Custom website,


Prescription refill requests,

Access health records,

Plus more. Click here to learn more about the patient portal module.


Why Doctors Choose AMS

Our Clients

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“Your program is the best.”

Kay Davis, Pulmonary

“…the best product and customer service.”

Kent Browning, Billing Service

“…the best Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records solution on the market today.”

Dr. R. Hartwell, Neurosurgery

“AMS is easy to use and dependable.”

Dr. A. Ajayi, Pediatrics

“…support has been great!”

Dr. G. Knapp, Family Practice

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