medical billing software questions

ABC News (Charles Gibson) EMR

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Charles Gibson talks on World News Tonight about the health care industry and electronic records and the costs of electronic billing records.  
EHR Software Security Checklist

Reform Spurs Health Marketing Changes

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After months of intense public debate, healthcare reform is now the law of the land, meaning millions of US consumers will be required to obtain health insurance by 2014. For health marketers, including insurance firms, pharmaceutical…
understanding emr software

Understanding EMR Electronic Medical Records

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If you can read a standard medical chart, then you are capable of using our software. Understanding EMR electronic medical records is no different than working with older mediums, accept that computerized systems add functionality, and increase…
medical office scheduling software explained

Medical Office Scheduling Software

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Do you wish you could manage your patient flow better? Medical office scheduling software from AMS can offer you the solutions you need. Hunting for the right appointments for patients, which fit with their schedules as well as yours can be…
medical billing software explained

Medical Billing Service Software Explained

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The Questions You Should Ask When Considering Medical Billing Software Getting paid in a timely manner is vital for any practice, regardless of your size, stature and financial standing. While the norm is to provide the service, then…