Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications


Client Server

Client Server Hardware Specifications (Updated 6/15/2016)

Small Offices (Up to 5 Computers)

Large Offices (6+ Computers)

American Medical Software’s sales representatives and technical support department work closely with each client and their technical staff to help ensure proper setup of their hardware/network configuration and software installation. Our medical office systems will run in a variety of operating environments and network configurations and run on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows® operating systems. AMS runs on anything from a single PC with Windows® Vista to intricate LAN, WAN, and VPN connections requiring the expertise of a trained hardware/network technician. For complete details, please refer to the above Hardware Specifications (PDFs).

Minimum requirements are based on the AMS software only and do not address other applications that may be running simultaneously. Heavy workloads may increase requirements. Any computer purchased within the past 2 years will MOST LIKELY meet the minimum system requirements for your AMS Product. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements or wish to verify that you do, speak with your AMS representative to assist you with confirmation.

Pervasive Software

There are additional products from Pervasive Software that are required. Offices with 5 computers or less require the Pervasive SQL V10.30 or higher WorkGroup Engine. For smaller sites desiring additional security, performance, or growth potential, the Pervasive SQL 10.30 or higher Client/Server Engine is recommended. Further details can be found in the above Hardware Specifications (PDFs).

Sites with 6 or more computers require the Pervasive SQL V10.30 or higher Client/Server Engine. Both Pervasive products are available to AMS clients at a discount from Goldstar Software. Contact Bill Bach or Mary Jo Van Sipma at 708-647-7665 or sales@goldstarsoftware.com.

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