What Our Clients Are Saying:

We have been using American Medical Software for more than 15 years.  They have always provided great tech support!  Each phone call is answered by a live representative and the issues resolved in a timely manner. – Marsa, Axis Billing

Our medical office has been using American Medical Software for 22 years. Needless to say, we are very happy with the software. Customer service is great! Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. They also keep the software up to date with the needs that are forever changing. I would highly recommend American Medical Software! – Illinois Valley Surgical Associates, SC 

We have been using American Medical Software since April 2014. We find it to be very user-friendly for all. Support staff is always friendly and helpful when we do have issues. (Most of our issues are often ‘operator error’ but support just fixes it for us!) – Kelly Hunt, Office Manager, Kokomo IN, psychiatric outpatient clinic

As a Billing Manager, I strongly recommend all our Physicians to use American Medical Software. Their knowledgeable staff offers excellent customer service & makes updates painless! 10 plus year AMS user and proud!! – Cheri HIH Medical Billing

We have been using American Medical Software for over 10 years and like the easy in navigating between the medical, appointment and electronic modules.  Live Customer support is a perfect 10 in resolving issues and promptness to resolve issues. Integration with Trizetto to send electronic claims is an added bonus.  I would highly recommend this product and staff. Keep up the great work AMS developers. -B. Thedinger, M.D., Nebraska, Otology/Neurotology

We have used American Medical Software since 2009 and have always been very satisfied with not only the software but also the technicians behind it all. If we have an issue they are on it immediately.  We really appreciate the team at American Medical Software.” -Dr. Pedro Hernandez and staff, Cardiology, Amarillo Tx

“We would like to say ‘Thank you’ to the technical support team for their steadfastness and service; they always help us. As it relates to Version 24 – we love it! We give it two thumbs up! There have been relevant improvements for our staff in all three modules. Specifically, in Medical Office Management, the speediness of closing out daily and transmitting claims is significantly improved. The receipt and invoice buttons help a lot when generating a receipt in ‘real time’ for patients paying for services. These buttons really reduce the number of steps. In Electronic Medical Records, we like the improvements made when searching out an ICD-9 code within the problem list. The additional search functions in the electronic RX help tremendously. Specifically, the phone/fax search function is huge. We love being able to update phone numbers from the new appointment window. Parents get really frustrated when they have to give their information over and over again! We really like the idea of entering co-pays during the check-in process, and the functionality which allows for verifying insurance while making an appointment. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the V24 Beta program.” -N. Powells DeBoise, Office Manager, Pediatrics, AMS client since 2008

“We have had the privilege of using American Medical Software’s medical office system since 2006. We have been through many trial and errors with several other systems before we were able to say that this system is the perfect one for our office. The ease of implementation along with the support we have received has been beyond our expectations. The capability of this system in taking us forward with Meaningful Use has been painless. With such good results that our organization has had with American Medical Software, I am able to recommend them to others to achieve the same satisfaction.” -M. Macias, Practice Administrator, Children’s Healthcare, AMS client for 7 years

“I have been using American Medical Software since 2003. I am a practicing Gastroenterologist in Texas. Each year, AMS has made changes which meet the standard requirement. The sales staff and technical support department has been excellent and always there to support. They are eager to hear any new concerns or ideas and if possible ready to implement them into the system. I thank the staff at American Medical Software in making my office run more smoothly and also making it easy for my staff to take care
of my patients.” -Y. Patel, M.D., Gastroenterology, AMS client for 10 years

“Our office has used your program over the last 2 years. We want to thank you and recommend your program to other medical offices. We found your program be very affordable. Your technical support is highly appreciated, timely, and useful. Your most recent update regarding Meaningful Use and ONC Certification will be a tremendous benefit to our paperless office. Overall you have made integration of Electronic Medical Records System easy, and an efficient experience.” -M. Wilcox, M.D., Multi-Specialty, AMS client since 2010

“It has been a privilege to work with American Medical Software V24 Beta. The American Medical Software staff is always extremely polite and supportive. With the many advances in technology, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the new information. However, it is reassuring to have the American Medical Software staff on our side. I would highly recommend this program to all medical offices.” -S. Murray, Office Manager, Family Practice RHC, AMS client for 16 years

“We have been testing the new version of AMS software V23Beta for several months and are very pleased with the new version and are excited about all of the new features that AMS has supplied and made available to us. I would recommend this software to any medical practice that is looking to purchase an EMR/EHR system.” -Chris Swafford, Office/Billing Manager, Georgia, Northside Medical Specialists, LLC

“Luckily for American Medical Software, you have the best of both worlds(product and customer service). As a new client to your firm, I appreciate your software. But what I am most impressed with is the level of customer service provided by your staff. And it is not just one person. It has been from the start of the sales process to the support team answering questions. Your tech support staff has always been very friendly and helpful when I have called.” -Kent Browning, President, Kentucky, Summit Healthcare Billing Services

“I have had the experience of working with AMS for 4 years. Their support people are amazing. They are always doing updates and are willing to customize their system to meet your needs. Compared to other medical software programs on the market, they are very affordable. I enjoy working with their company because of the service that they provide. I would highly recommend AMS to any medical practice.” -Suzanne Viles, Office Manager, Georgia, All Womens Health

“We have been using American Medical Software for the past 2 years and are a very satisfied customer. I have referred several other physicians. Looking forward to the next update.” -N. Khan, MD, Texas, Internal Medicine

“We are very thankful for the dedicated support staff at American Medical Software. Recently, one of your tech people went above and beyond helping us fix our doctor’s laptop when our hardware person couldn’t. You do an awesome job. Thanks so much!!” -K. Mannino, Office Manager, Texas, General Practice

“Your program is the best. We have used it for over fifteen years. Updates keep us right on top of where we need to be, support is excellent and we have never been down for a single day.” -Kay, Office of Dr. C. John, Arkansas, Southwest Pulmonary

“We have been with AMS since the beginning. They have always been supportive and keeping us moving forward with all the changes in the medical arena. Thanks!” -M. Spagnoli, Office of Dr. C. Shear, New York, Dermatology

“This letter is to express our satisfaction after one year of being your customers. Our Pediatric Practice consists of two doctors at two locations in N.E. Florida. We purchased the software on January 2010 and started the training sessions with the billing and management staff and continued with the front desk for scheduling. Finally, the new experience was the electronic records that our doctors and nurses have mastered very well. We feel that the training was detailed, professional and at our own pace. After several months of training, questions and answers meetings, we feel that our practice is more efficient, administration has more tools to improve management and the medical staff appreciates the versatility of AMS. The technical support is available in short time and accepts our suggestions. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.” -Raphael Ng, MD & Luis Anderson, MD, Pediatrics in North Florida

“I am writing this letter to recommend the American Medical Software Version 23 Practice Manage Ultra System, in which our organization participated as a Beta site. Although we have only been using the new version for a short time we are taking advantage of the improvements. The receptionists enjoy the feature in the appointment module that allows you to cancel and move an appointment. Billing department employees have utilized the option for type code/source of payment. The Patient Masters Update feature improvements, such as, phone numbers dashes, increased character length for the work extensions and the email address field are wonderful updates. Providers are pleased with the flow sheet option and will adapting it to fit their needs. Thank you for allowing us to participate in the Beta 23. American Medical Software continues to be visionary in their programming and service delivery. We are excited that we have increased our technology goals to better serve the community and ensure optimal out comes for the clients we serve.” -K. Larson, Executive Director, Illinois, Adult & Child Rehab

“I have been using American Medical Software Billing, Management, Appointments and Electronic Medical Records for 13 years. As technology changes, AMS keeps up. I am able to easily track my receivables and regenerate claims to insurances if necessary. I am able to track patient appointments and set up recurring ones for those patients who will need frequent return appointments. This enables us to help the patient stay compliant and is a valuable tool to prove quality medicine protocol. The Electronic Patient Chart helps us meet the criteria to show we are encouraging the patient to get their preventative care done. As a solo Family Practice physician I appreciate the affordable prices of the AMS support and updates. The support team is always striving to make the software work efficiently and effectively in a busy office setting.” -Dr. A Salem, MD, Illinois, Family Practice

“I have used the AMS Practice Management system for over 15 years. During that time, the software has performed well beyond our expectations, offering new innovations with each update. We started with the full Electronic Medical Records System just this January 2010 with Version 21, and found it to be perfect for our private practice. We easily converted from paper charts to all electronic records in less than one month. Just when we thought our office was doing great, AMS improved the software with Version 22. The AMS Version 22 which we began using as a trial Beta Version in September, added many new features that make clinical data entry and retrieval even more simple, quick and intuitive. The ability to snap to document retrieval or the Practice Management system from Electronic Records system gives the front office quick access to needed information. The new side bars for Medications and Allergies makes my charting easier. We recommend this medical office software to all offices as the best Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records solution on the market today.” -Dr. R. Hartwell, New Jersey, Neurosurgery

“We have been enjoying your product since 1999. We look forward to many more years of using your products. We would like to say thanks to your support staff, they make your product easy to use.” -J. Metzger, Ofc Mgr, Ohio, Alternative Therapy

“American Medical Software came highly recommended to us, and now we highly recommend it. Your software is VERY user friendly. We have had so many ‘aha’ moments. We love your software and your company. All of you are so friendly and helpful. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.” -J. Rutkofski, Office Staff, Illinois, Family Practice

“The company I work for has used American Medical Software for 7 years and we are very satisfied. AMS continuously improves their already great and user friendly software to keep up with the fast paced medical field. The staff is great and very helpful anytime we need help. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns.” -T. Luster, Kentucky, Office Solutions Provider

“American Medical Software has served all of the needs of our clinic. We have been very satisfied with the system and support. Overall, we believe that this system is the best system available on the market for the price.” -C. Bouc, Office Mgr, Wisconsin, Family Practice

“We have been with AMS since the beginning in 1992. They have always been supportive and keeping us moving forward with all the changes in the medical arena. Thanks!” -M. Spagnoli, Office Mgr, New York, Dermatology

“Dr. Pandya and his staff say, ‘You are the best’! Even after we added the ASC module, everything worked smoothly!!!
-E. Pandya, Office Mgr, California, General Surgery

“I have been very pleased with AMS. They have been very responsive to suggestions and technical support has been great. Highly recommend AMS.” -Dr. G Knapp, New York, Family Practice

“We’ve been using AMS for 18 years and we think it’s great. The call support team is always very helpful.” -S. Boggs, Staff, Illinois, Plastic & Hand Surgery

“AMS is very user friendly. Any time I have a question and call support they are always friendly and I get the help I need.” -B. Bivens, Office Manager, Tennessee, Anesthesia Group

“Our office started with just the basics and now we use the whole package. Great service and fabulous training. From data entry to money in hand is usually 2 weeks. Thanks for all you do.” -P. Willacker, Office Manager, Washington, Internal Medicine

“We’ve been using AMS since 2002 and still find it to be the best medical software out there! Not only is it user friendly, but more importantly, the support is top notch! They are always there with the answer, friendly, and professional. We love AMS!” -J. Chambers, Office Manager, Texas, Colon and Rectal Clinic

“Our office, 31st Street Medical Clinic, Richard Del Checcolo loves AMS. We have had it for seven years and since we’ve opened. I have used other software where I’ve worked before and none was as easy to learn and operate as AMS. The technical support is so helpful and always pleasant. They are very diverse in the knowledge and always eager to help. It is very reasonably priced to compare to other systems on the market. LOVE IT!!” -S. Spotloe, W. Virginia, Internal Medicine

“As a new OB/GYN practice, we have been pleased with the decision to start with Electronic Medical Records, and more specifically AMS, right from the beginning. From the initial training and the continued ease of use, to the accessibility of IT assistance and regular updates to the system, AMS has helped make the idea of a paperless and streamlined practice a painless reality. The OB Flow sheet alone has been a crucial part of being able to go completely electronic with our Obstetric records.” -W. Burch, MD, Women’s Care, Virginia

“Our Orthopaedic Center has been with American Medical Software since 2005. We could not function as well without the software. Each year the software gets stronger and provides us ways in which we can cut the time needed on billing. This is by far the best software offering EMR, prescription drug, test follow-up and so much more. We love the staff and get help with a smile when needed. This software is very user friendly yet powerful enough to rival that of the more expensive softwares. If anyone is needing an all-inclusive medical solution, then AMS is your best bet for the price.” -S, Gleaton, Office Manager, Alabama, Orthopaedics

“Express Medical Billing is a billing service with 60 databases running AMS. We have practices that use the appointment scheduler including the feature that allows the input of services from the encounter screen. The AMS development team has delivered yet another quality release. The AMS software improves with each release and continues to provide cutting edge features that reward our clients for choosing our billing service. This release certainly has our recommendation and we have high expectations for the next version.” -D. Emnett, Partner, Missouri, Billing Service

“We appreciate that American Medical Software listens to our requests and try to encompass them in updates to the software. Version 20 Practice Management System has met all the needs of our practice. Enhancements to the Patient Charting section were very useful and appreciated by our physicians.” -D. Ray, Administrator, Georgia, Women’s Healthcare

“Our office has found AMS to be a dependable and useful tool that has helped to increase our efficiency and productivity while reducing overall costs.” -J. Gillis, IT, Tennessee, Geriatrics Office

“I have been very pleased to be using the latest version of your software. The software program has several features, which are especially important to primary care physicians. Most notable is the growth charts and BMI calculator. Another very important feature is the vaccination record. I believe the most important resource of your company is your technical support staff. I did not grow up around computers. Your support staff has always been patient and took the time to explain issues to me in language I could understand. I believe no matter what the level of sophistication of the user, this is an important.” -G. Belkin, DO, FAAP, Senior Partner, Croton Pediatrics

“We have used American Medical Software since opening in 1997. AMS remains in the forefront, as the medical industry demands changes to electronic technology. All modules are stable and fully integrated, allowing cross-referencing and tracking of charges to office visits simple. Appointments also cross-reference to medical records. We can easily keep track of accounts receivables and easily resubmit insurance claims, electronically or by paper. The software support department is great. They prove to be well trained and very helpful. I do highly recommend AMS to any provider seeking to improve their office.” -M. Salem, Office Manager, Illinois, Family Practice

“I have been using American Medical Software’s complete EMR, Billing and Scheduling modules in my practice since 2002. I chose AMS after many months of reviewing numerous products. In the end I chose AMS because it provided everything I needed for my surgery practice, at a reasonable cost. The company is committed to constantly improving their products, and is more than willing to listen to and incorporate their customer’s suggestions. The software has performed without any problems for us for over five years. In addition, the technical support is very helpful and reliable and I recommend including the unlimited technical support option as part of a purchase of this product. AMS software has allowed me to move into the electronic medical record age years before most of my colleagues. To anyone considering making the change from paper to electronic, I strongly recommend making the change, and considering AMS as your EMR vendor.” -P. K. Bamberger, M.D., Pennsylvania, General Surgery

“We have used American Medical Software for the past 12 years and each year it gets better and better. Your Software facilitates our practice in more ways than one. First, billing is easier due to the addition of being able to input eight diagnosis codes and then choose the appropriate one that is related to the procedure. Next, physicians and staff can utilize the new Electronic Prescribing Module with ease. Finally, the ability to attach hyperlinks in the diagnosis master and the e-mail enhancement in patient inquiries is very practical. Year after year, you integrate new requirements, such as the new NPI condition, while maintaining a user-friendly atmosphere. You respond quickly to our needs, efficiently and effectively.” -K. McCarthy, Billing, Illinois, Nephrology

“American Medical Software has found a way to continue to improve their Medical Management package. Per line rebilling has arrived. One of the favorite features has been the ability to filter the ledger card on date ranges. It has helped us get to relevant data faster. Performance enhancements have also improved the speed of database lookups for sites that have lots of historical records.” -M. Holm, IT Manager, Guam, Clinic and Wellness Center

“We have a multi-physician practice with multiple locations. This system will work as well as the more expensive systems I have used in the past, which can cost ten times as much. Private lessons on the Internet at the beginning were very helpful. Setup for electronic statements and billing is easy. Our claim rejections are 1% sending to the clearinghouse. I use a VPN from my home and the software works very well. At the most it may take a few extra seconds to login. Other than that it is like being in the office.” -J. Assef, Office Manager, Kentucky, Pain Management

“Quite simply, AMS represents the total practice management automation solution. We have been an AMS client for several years and are as happy with their user-friendly system today as we ever have been! They provided us with top-notch training and continue to provide superior ongoing support and service. AMS is truly a solid, reliable source of practice automation.” -Dr. J. Grange, Nebraska, General Surgery

“After 16 years of Medical billing and management, with the last 7 years on American Medical Software, you learn the positive aspects of the AMS Billing System are instrumental in a successful business. The reports are designed for your every need, the program is adaptable for more than just a clinic setting and the Electronic Medical Records is an incredible setup designed for maximum time and paper saving ability.” -R. Martin, Mississippi, Nursing Services

“In the Electronic Patient Chart, the ability to use conditional and key phrases makes modifying templates to suit the individual patients so quick and easy. The “F9″ key has become my favorite key on the computer. It will turn a few letters into complete sentences with a single keystroke. The ability to run a template from within a template with a double click has given us the ability to use table computers which are much less distracting for patients and have saved us the expense of having to put a workstation in every exam room…. Not to mention the significant savings in transcription expenses.” -Dr. J. MacMillan, Kansas, Orthopedic Medicine

“AMS is easy to use and dependable. We like the simplicity of the AMS software, as it is easy to teach and understand. Your system offers everything that is important to our office and with its use, we run a virtually paper-free office. Your support staff is very easy to work with and knowledgeable about the software. Your ability to help us perfect the system to our needs is outstanding.” -Dr. A. Ajayi, Florida, Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders

“We cannot express to you how much this software has enhanced our practice and made record keeping and processing claims so much easier. And the technical support team is always available and ready to answer any question.” -J. Green, Office Manager, Alabama, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

“I have been using AMS Practice Management Software along with its additional modules for many years now. Even with the new features, the products continue to be user friendly. Remote sites have excellent, reliable and easy access. AMS technical staff remains the most courteous and efficient that I have dealt with. EDI is extremely reliable and easy. AMS’ upgrades and new versions remain ahead of the ever-changing rules and regulations. From my staff and myself, who use the product every day, thank you for keeping up and making our jobs a little easier.” -M. Kilpatrick, Administrator, Nevada, Medical Billing Co.

“My favorite feature of AMS is prescription writing. With a few clicks of the mouse, we not only have previous prescription information about the patient at our fingertips, but pharmacy telephone numbers, last date the prescription was refilled, and the correct medications and dosages. We do not have to pull charts and there is no margin for error. It makes these patient care issues worry free.” -G. Weiken, Office Staff, Kansas, Orthopedic Medicine

“I deal mostly with A/R and I like your software for posting directly to each charge and the numerous choices for tracking information.” -B. Johnston, Office Manager, Oklahoma, Colon/Rectal Surgery

“I appreciate all of you, not to mention the software. I am a small business with growing pains and you all help ease some of the pains. “Good Pains” Thank you for being both caring and knowledgeable.” -J. Wellman, Owner, Illinois, Medical Billing Co.

“The AMS software is easy to use for our Mental Health requirements.” -N. McStockard, Office Manager, Iowa, Mental Health

“I like the ease of operation – being able to access multiple tasks from any window.” -Dr. T. Bingham, Tennessee, General Surgery

“We like the simplicity of the AMS software, it is easy to teach and understand.” -Dr. W. Woods, North Carolina, Dermatology

“I like the recent enhancements, especially to appointments and the Edit list to the screen.” -J. Littigan, Office Manager, Illinois, Internal Medicine

“The service is good, and less expensive than other packages of same caliber.” -Dr. J. Karinattu, Illinois, Family Practice

“We like being able to scroll through multiple doctors’ schedules instead of having to get completely out of one to go to another. Statement tracking is also nice.” -A. Sweet, Office Manager, Iowa, Family Practice

“The AMS system runs good and the service is good.” -Dr. A Dwarakanathan, Illinois, Endocrinology

“The AMS software has always been easy to use.” -M. Drake, Office Manager, Florida, Podiatry

“In making the decision to go with American Medical Software rather than a number of other software packages which have been highly promoted, a major decision of mine was to stick to a program which would be cost effective yet highly functional for a small to medium size practice.” -Dr. A. Franks, New York, Dermatology/Rheumatology

“Your system is fairly priced, is a tremendous time saver and offers all that’s important for our office management. I greatly appreciate your commitment to support.” -Dr. D. Kelley, Washington, Internal Medicine