Technical Support

Technical Support

AMS Technical Support

Implementation of New System

It actually begins right now with you and your AMS sales representative. Identifying your needs, concerns and goals is the starting point on the road to successful implementation. Once we have determined if we can meet your requirements, we go to work on your plan. This plan, and all other information gathered during the sales and selection process is shared with our trainers and technical support staff who take it from there. The end result – another successful implementation!

Updates | Technical Support Updates

Our clients remain on active support with us year after year because they have come to rely on our timely software updates and dedicated people who will answer their questions, help with problems, or discuss their needs. This is an excellent indicator of just how good our service is, and your assurance that your medical software investment doesn’t become obsolete. Updates are available 24/7 on our Tech Support Website. We send an e-mail newsletter to our clients with information on updates and other pertinent information.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Technical Support: 100% USA Based!

American Medical Software provides customer service/technical support to our clients nationwide who speak directly to our skilled technical staff at our headquarters. Updates and annual enhancements are part of standard support services. Priority Support/Updates and Telephone / web training is included for the first 3 months.

AMS Technical Support

100% USA Based, Friendly Technical Support

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