American Medical Software Ultra Customizable Practice Software Version 27 ONC HIT Compliance

ONC HIT Certification

Costs and Limitations:

Additional Costs/Fees:

This certified product-version may require ongoing annual fees to support electronic prescription writing, online portal services, and AMS support contracts. Electronic prescription writing allows providers to electronically transmit prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Online portal services allow patients to view the health information online, download and transmit a summary of their healthcare electronically, and for providers to transmit electronic communications and documentation securely. AMS support contracts provide technical support services as well as any updates or maintenance to the software necessary to remain within compliance of various regulations. Electronic prescription writing and online portal services are available for renewable annually and priced at a flat per provider rate. AMS technical support services are available for renewal annually and priced based on the size and scope of the software options purchased. Additionally, clients opting to host their own data may be required to pay a one-time fee to purchase an Actian PSQL license for database management on their private server. Any and all fees are clearly outlined on our cost proposals of the product for your review prior to purchasing the software.

Contractual Limitations:

A contract is required for all services rendered by American Medical Software. Clients that choose not to renew additional service contracts or who default on contractual payment obligations for any of the above referenced costs/fees may see those services suspended until such a time that their account is returned to good standing. For electronic prescription services, NewcropRx is our exclusive partner. For portal services, Updox LLC is our exclusive partner. Both entities may require that you to enter in to an agreement and agree to their terms of service prior to use.

Technical Limitations:

AMS offers two types of product hosting options. The first option allows for clients to host their own data internally, on-board a server of their choosing not affiliated with AMS. This first option is priced based on the concurrent number of users who will be utilizing the software at any given time and is limited to the number of user licenses purchased. The second option allows for AMS to host a client’s data on behalf of the client. This second option is priced based on the number of providers utilizing the software and is limited to the number of provider licenses purchased. Additional licenses for either option may be purchased at any time.

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