Tweeting Their Way For New Patients – Social Media

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Hospitals are turning to social networking in an effort to market themselves to new patients who seem to be looking more to social media to choose the kinds of products and services they use. Earlier this year, a Baltimore television…
healthcare providers must go digital

Health-care overhaul: Doctors must go digital

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Hundreds of thousands of paper sheets bulge from the weathered charts in the medical office of Dr. Tahsina Atiquzzaman.   Patient histories, stress tests and results from colonoscopies are piled in filing cabinets, wall shelves and…

EHR Meaningful Use Guidelines Clarified

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As VARs and health care companies look for answers, there’s no shortage of consternation over the real meaning of “meaningful use.” Now, an updated version of the definition has been released, providing a more detailed, simpler map for…
EMR Vaccine, American Medical Software

EMR Strengthen Vaccine Safety Monitoring In Seizure Study

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Intelligent use of electronic health records—even those collected from multiple health systems—can alert providers to harmful medical practices. That’s how Kaiser Permanente’s analysis of 459,000 pediatric health records revealed…

10 Steps to Take Now For E-Medical Records

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Don’t wait for the government to finalize meaningful use requirements. Here’s how to jump-start your health IT efforts. The federal government’s $20 billion-plus healthcare IT stimulus program has more hospitals and doctors than…

Electronic Records for Rural Health Care – Missouri

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COLUMBIA – MU Medical system is opening an assistance center to help health care providers convert to electronic records. The University of Missouri was awarded a $6.8 million cooperative federally funded grant to open the Missouri Health…
global hospital information systems

Global Hospital Information Systems Through 2016

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The Global Hospital Information Systems Market is Forecast to Exceed $18 Billion in 2016 PR Log (Press Release) – May 31, 2010 – The global Hospital Information Systems (HIS) market was valued at $7.8 billion in 2009 and is forecast…

5 Reasons Your EHR Implementation Will Succeed

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I recently read a really interesting and informative article called “Five Reasons Why EHR Implementations Fail.” My only problem with this post is that it focuses too much on the negative. Too many doctors (and all clinical staff) are…

Betting Electronic Medical Records Can Improve Care

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Government, With Billions In Loans, Bets Electronic Medical Records Can Improve Care The New York Times reports that electronic health records hold potential for major improvements in health outcomes for patients as the federal government…

Work begins on converting New York docs to digital records

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NEW YORK – Two health IT extension centers in New York state have begun work helping primary care physicians convert from paper to digital records. The centers, which received $48.2 million of federal stimulus money, are among 60 across…