Connecting Your Practice with User Friendly EHR Software

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We judge the effectiveness of any product or service almost exclusively on its user friendliness – that is, how capable of a system it is to learn and use on a daily basis. It won’t surprise you that practices unhappy with their EHR software system often complain about it not being user friendly.

Whether your practice is searching for your first EHR system, or a new one altogether, take a look at some of the trouble points people often touch on to help you better make a decision when considering all of the systems available to you.

  • Inability to multitask: In the medical field, multitasking is often a must. For software systems that do not provide capabilities to multitask, this is incredibly limiting and leads to an increase in practice inefficiencies. Workflow and overall practice productivity suffers, which is never good.
  • Non-intuitive interfaces: The simple fact is that your EHR system will not look like the interface you may find on your phone or other tech. That’s comparing apples to oranges. However, you should make sure the interface is intuitive and its operation is straightforward. This is probably the most important aspect of all. Inability to conform to a system’s layout will be entirely destructive to a practice and its day-to-day function.
  • Inattention to practice benefits: The main goal of these EHR software systems SHOULD be to meet the needs of the practice, in whatever capacity that may be. If that is indeed the case, vendors should consult with their clientele about what they like and dislike about their product.

That constant surveying and intake of the viability of a vendor’s product is vital in making sure all practice needs are met.

These are only some of the trouble points practices often come across with regards to their EHR software system. A lack of user-friendliness is particularly damaging for everyone – whether that be members of the practice, or the patients themselves.

That is why the importance of doing your due-diligence in making sure the EHR software you go with is particularly intuitive and viable enough to maintain the day-to-day work your practice sees.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a software system does not have to do with the product itself at all. In fact, more often than not, the most important aspect of a systems usability is a vendor’s support structure.

It is an inevitability that at some point you will need assistance in some form when either setting up or maintaining your EHR software, that is why ensuring a vendor has an adequate support staff and culture of offering effective assistance is in place.

So, when considering an EHR software for your practice, be sure to take a comprehensive approach in the selection period. Don’t bypass making sure the product is user-friendly so that down the road no problems arise. Read testimonials and reach out to those that have implemented the system in their practice.

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