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It goes without saying that cash flow collections in practices throughout the country have been affected considerably by a changing landscape of industry rules and regulations. Keeping earnings can be vital in maintaining a steady cash flow in a practice. The last thing you want to do for the sanctity of your practice is to […]

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We judge the effectiveness of any product or service almost exclusively on its user friendliness – that is, how capable of a system it is to learn and use on a daily basis. It won’t surprise you that practices unhappy with their EHR software system often complain about it not being user friendly. Whether your practice is […]

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Implementation of any product, service, or system can come with its fair share of challenges. But normally when you’re implementing something new into your business, it leads to more efficient workplace practices. These implementations shouldn’t be looked at as something else to learn, but something that once you learn, will make your job easier and […]