EHR Software Must Haves 768x511

Paper records are a thing of the past. Rid your office of the hassle and inconvenience of paper records, and utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR) software now before your bottom-line starts to suffer. Do you find yourself on the fence when considering digitizing your medical records? Well maybe we can help. Take a look at […]

Medical Billing EHR Software 768x460

What is the one consistency across all businesses, no matter the industry? Every single one relies on steady payments made in full for their products and/or services in order to profit and continue to thrive. Although, medical providers in particular are put in a rather precarious position. Instead of receiving payment before performing a certain […]

EHR Software Security Checklist

Addressing Data Security Concerns in Compromising Digital Landscape With the recent breach of trust and data from Facebook, we thought this was a good opportunity to reinforce the importance of data security, and how you can overcome the challenges of security with regards to your proprietary patient data. There are several challenges to be aware […]