Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your EHR Software

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There is a lot that goes into selecting the right EHR software. With it being such a substantial decision, there is so much to review and take in before you select the perfect system for your practice. All of that work may be what is keeping you from switching electronic medical software platforms, even though your current system is in desperate need of a facelift.

In many cases, this unwillingness to switch could lead to added inefficiencies within your practice. If you find yourself commonly struggling with any or all of the situations below, don’t wait; it might just be time to switch your EMR software system for good:

The EHR doesn’t improve workflow within your practice 

A good EHR system, at its core, should improve internal and external efficiencies for your practice, otherwise it is not succeeding in its basic goal. Each passing day that goes by without moving on from a backdated and lackluster software system can cost your practice (literally and figuratively).

From the start, you should make sure you have ways to find out if a particular system is right for you. For instance, during your search period for a new EHR, involve those that will be interacting with it on a regular basis. Having extra knowledgeable opinions can never hurt.

Lackluster Customer Service

There’s nothing more frustrating than communicating with a low-quality customer service team. Or if, from the get go, your staff wasn’t properly trained on the system. This can lead to incredible frustrations within your practice and lead to a dramatic downturn in productivity.

At American Medical Software, we offer customer service and technical support to our clients nationwide who speak directly to our skilled technical staff at our headquarters in the United States. Priority support and telephone/web training is included for the first three months.

Updates are Infrequent or Nonexistent

Updates for your EHR system are healthy and should be a necessity for any practice. If your current provider doesn’t deliver relevant updates, consider switching. You can even choose to transition your practice towards a cloud or web-based EHR system if that is something you believe your team can benefit from.

Fees, Fees and More Fees

Let’s be straight, EHR systems are not cheap. But does your current EHR manufacturer keep pushing on additional fees that you did not plan on initially being responsible for? If so, run while you can!

American Medical Software has been providing our customers solutions to making their practices all the more efficient and profitable for over 33 years. Contact us today and get a FREE 5-minute demo to see how any combination of modules in our Ultra Charts System™ can improve your practice.

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