Electronic Faxing and Appointment Reminders Available Now!

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Electronic Faxing through your AMS System

AMS has partnered with Updox© to bring you integrated paperless faxing and document management specifically for medical practices. This paperless solution eliminates your costs for paper, toner, hardware, and phone lines. Incoming documents can be fully edited online, tagged for signature or review, and sent directly to your AMS system. Outbound faxing from the patient chart enables you to send medical record information in just a few clicks. No more busy signals! No more scanning!

What makes American Medical Software’s Integrated Faxing better…

…than a Fax Machine?

  • Paperless – You can cut your costs for paper, toner, scanning, phone lines
  • Allow staff to focus on higher-value tasks when they aren’t standing at fax machine
  • No busy signals!

…than a Fax Server?

  • You can fully edit faxes online – sign, mark up, date, redact, edit and annotate
  • Faxes can be broken apart page by page and grouped if only specific pages need to be forwarded or filed
  • Fully mobile – view incoming faxes anywhere with an Internet connection, including computer or mobile device
  • There’s no need to buy new fax hardware when doing server upgrades

…than another non-integrated fax service provider?

  • Fully integrated with American Medical Software’s Patient Chart
  • Just one click sends faxes and other messages directly to your AMS system
  • Integrated Faxing from American Medical Software is HIPAA- compliant, unlike fax to email based electronic fax services
  • No need to buy Adobe Acrobat or similar software to edit and/or split up faxes

ROI of Paperless Faxing

How much time and money can paperless faxing save your practice?

For every 5,000 fax pages, practices spend approximately $152:

  • $72 in toner (average Brother fax)
  • $50 for case of paper
  • $30 for fax line

Plus, 55 staff hours (at 2 minutes per fax), which includes time spent:

  • Walking to/from fax
  • Manual faxing
  • Printing/filing transmission reports
  • Scanning into chart
  • Locating or duplicating work to find fax or refax

When you consider your costs for paper, toner, phone lines, scanner and fax machine hardware – Integrated Faxing more than pays for itself and allows your staff to focus on more higher-value tasks. Change is easy –we promise! Let us handle the set up and training. You keep the savings!

“We were able to cut our paper costs by 75% during our first month with Integrated Faxing!”

Messaging for Appointment Reminders

No-show patients cost the average practice more than $150,000 each year. Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your business? Appointment Reminders from American Medical Software offers your practice an automated, customizable app with reminders delivered via text, phone, or email.

What makes our solution different? Your practice is notified when patients confirm or cancel their appointment from the reminder so you can then fill cancellations to maintain revenue and practice workflow.

“Before Appointment Reminders, our staff spent 30 minutes every day making reminder calls.”

Important Pricing and Registration Information

Please contact Sales at 800-423-8836 for pricing and registration information.

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