Electronic Medical Records and Its Progress

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Much of what we do several years ago is now deeply penetrated by the use of computer. Indeed a lot of things we used to accomplish manually regained a new face with the advent of the computer technology. There is just so much that you can do now with the computer and the internet.

Major aspects of the human life are now being largely dependent with these computer-based systems that tend to be embraced by people. Well who would not? This is their chance of getting rid of a lot of work with the things manually. Indeed efficiency may be the primary reason why the computer-based systems are successful in penetrating the retail industries, finance, manufacturing and transport industries. In the past 20 years another major system being slowly under the influence of this computer-based system trend and this is the healthcare systems.

Electronic medical systems are being brought by health systems, clinics or hospitals from enterprise vendors. The system will then be installed in the sectors system. According to the 2003 IOM Patient Safety Report electronic medical record is a longitudinal collection of electronic health information for and about persons.

Why software systems such as electronic medical record have been developed? The primary reason for this is to address upon the aim of providing better service to patients. By using the electronic medical record one is actually enhancing the safety, efficiency moreover the entire quality of the service provided for by healthcare practitioners to patients.

The use of computer-based recording system in the medical field was developed and pursued for by many researchers and healthcare professionals mainly from the west. Although it can be said that the West is the electronic patient records’ birth place, Western countries adoption of this process has not yet reached any remarkable peak. In United States alone the use of electronic medical records by physician office practices barely reached just 17%. Nevertheless with the current evidences of how the presently used systems in healthcare sectors are failing to give cost effective, safe, efficient and high quality of healthcare, changing the old system by using the computer-based system can make things a lot better. With this many countries are now planning to implement in their own places the use of electronic medical record system within the next 10 years.

If the use of the computer-based system in other areas or industries has displayed good results, this can also be expected in the case of the healthcare industries. It is not surprising to know that it is taking much time for the world to adopt such innovation in patient record system. It is actually expected because everything must be polished, pros and cons must be well-analyzed, the issues and critical points of the use of this electronic-based system must be first well addressed for electronic medical record to meet its purpose and not defeat it. We are talking about people’s health care in here thus taking one step at a time is the best things to do. The use of electronic medical record is geared to provide better service, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of healthcare.


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