Jackson Hospital Benefits from Electronic Health Records

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Jackson Hospital, one of five hospitals in the state of Florida, is participating in a nationwide publicity campaign to help the public become aware of the benefits of Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Technology.

Jackson Hospital is joining the ranks of hospitals, physician practices and healthcare providers across the nation registering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to demonstrate its intent as a “meaningful user” of electronic health records called for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).  Meaningful use of health information technology is in the best interest of patients, healthcare providers, and the nation.

Electronic health records provide a number of advantages to patients, including access by doctors to their patients’ complete health picture, better care coordination and fewer repetitive tests as providers share information, and ultimately savings in time and money.  Organizations that implementt an EMR also have fewer medical errors by ensuring that correct information is retrievable and legible.

Jackson Hospital has been using an electronic medical record since 2003 and will continue to evolve its technology to meet new standards created in the HITECH Act.  The hospital currently links computers internally and makes patient information available to its Medical Staff through a secured network.  Beth Medlock, Jackson Hospital’s Director of Information Technology says, “Electronic Medical Record systems provide enhanced communications between caregivers, assure confidentiality protections and patient record security, and provide immediate reporting of test results, such as X-ray and laboratory.”

Jackson Hospital is this area’s technology leader using computers to provide higher quality and safer care to patients by adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR)and other forms of Health Information Technology (HIT), such as an automated medication dispensing system in the ER and Main Pharmacy, patient medication administration system used by Nursing Staff, a picture archiving computer system (PACS) for X-ray images, and others.  Adopting high technology is just another example of our commitment to “Growing a Healthier Community.”

Source: PanhandleParade.com

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