4 Medical Billing Tips to Maximize Patient Collections

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The Questions You Should Ask When Considering Medical Billing Software

Getting paid in a timely manner is vital for any practice, regardless of your size, stature and financial standing. While the norm is to provide the service, then start the payment process, it should be said that with the correct medical billing software in place, that process actually begins before any service is even provided. This takes a lot of stress off of the provider and puts in place automation to ensure payment for the services that they provide.

Things like managing denials and tracking of claims in real-time become a reality with billing software. Although making sure you have the best billing software for your practice doesn’t come without due-diligence in research. That is why we provided the questions below to help you come to the best conclusion as to which software is best for you and your practice.

  1. What is the process for updating?

As is the case for any quality software service, it should be ever-changing. That said, it will be vital to make sure that the vendor has updating features in place that ensure the application is updated regularly.

Beyond that, make sure to find out how long updates are offered. Depending on certain plans, it may be that they are only offered for a certain allotted amount of time. Get educated on all the different levels, and make sure you connect yourself with one that provides updating services for the entire life cycle of the software – if you so choose.

  1. What sort of training is offered?

A software service is only as good as the individual(s) you have operating it. So the importance of having proper training in place cannot be understated. Look into any training services a vendor may offer and make sure they will be adequate enough to have your staff fully trained.

Once again, you will want to look into all of the training options and how long they are offered when making your decision.

  1. Are there efficient reporting services?

Ideally, generating reports should be painless. So make sure report generation can be done easily and effectively in order to pull your desired KPIs. Do your due-diligence and ask questions about the vendor’s reporting systems so that you won’t have to pay for it down the line.

Report generation is incredibly important for the effectiveness of your practice, so make sure you are asking the right questions and have a firm knowledge of the vendors reporting capabilities when making a purchasing decision.

  1. Will it integrate with my EHR software system?

If you happen to just be looking for a more comprehensive billing system to integrate alongside an EHR system you already have in place, you will want to be sure it will integrate well. Make it a priority to ask the vendor about ease of integration so that you won’t have to inevitably drop your EHR vendor altogether.

The easiest way to ensure adequate integration is to have your PM and medical billing services from the same vendor, but of course, that will not always be the case for everyone.

Hopefully these questions will help you when making your decision on a proper medical billing software vendor. This of course is just a start. The idea is for this list to help you generate even more questions that are particularly important to your practice. For more information on how American Medical Software can help your practice become more successful, contact us today for a free 5-minute demo.

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