Running a More Successful Practice Part 3

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Running a More Successful Practice – Part 3

Possessing the ability and tools necessary to track and access all clinical data in the quickest, most efficient way possible is key to running a more successful practice. A fully integrated EMR system will provide the necessary tools to do so by reducing errors and duplicate entries, refocusing time on patient care rather than paperwork, and producing an overall better outcome for both the practice and the patients.

Keys to tracking clinical data with EMR integration

  • Detailed clinical reporting provides the necessary data to organize patient information in a variety of ways to better aid practices with care management and patient outcomes. Organize and filter your patient’s reports through demographics, supplementals, and more.
  • Quickly access past treatments for particular diseases to evaluate the most effective plan.
  • Search for and identify patients who are using recently recalled medications.
  • Filter for tests and screenings that need updated for patients.
  • Run reports to better identify care interruptions like missed appointments, missing tests, failed medication adjustments, and more.
  • Use custom reporting for marketing campaigns to patients of specific conditions or demographics for better preventative patient care.
  • Create tasks and alerts based on data obtained and tracked within your EMR system to ensure physicians have the necessary information to provide the best care and service for their patients.
  • Gain quick access to secure patient data so providers can be proactive towards changes in reimbursement requirements, practice/clinical workflow, and Meaningful Use requirements.
  • By reducing double entry and re-entry through the use of a fully integrated EMR/PM system, practices can eliminate unnecessary or duplicate tests/treatments and deliver greater patient benefits with lower costs and improved patient care.

A fully integrated EMR system will eliminate wasted time and wasted staff resources by streamlining data flow within your practice. It is the ultimate key to running a more successful practice.

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