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If you don’t already know by now, connecting your practice with the right EMR software system can be a bit overwhelming at times. After all, this system is set to become an integral part of the make-up of your practice. It will be something that, without it, your practice will not run smoothly and in a manner that promotes efficiency and profitability.

We want to help you make the process of deciding on EHR software a little easier. We don’t want you pulling your hair out when trying to decide what is best for your practice – you have more pressing matters to concern yourself with. That is why we collected a set of considerations that will help you start thinking of how to best make a determination on your next, or new, EHR software.

Know what would benefit your practice most

Having an understanding of what types of features would best serve your practice is critical. This will save you money, time and frustration down the road. The last thing you want is to have a system without the right features in place.

So, go ahead and think of a decent number of features your practice needs in a software system, that way when your making your considerations, you have those at the top of your mind. This will help you avoid paying for features you don’t need, or missing out on features altogether that would benefit your practice down the road.

Keep in mind – many vendors have specialty-specific solutions

Not all medical software solutions are created equal. Many can be tailored towards a specific specialty. Make sure you know if a vendor has a special solution for your practice. There are a great number of features you could be missing out on that are perfectly tailored for the needs of your practice. Needs that would not be useful for practices of different specialties than your own. Inquire with vendors on what specialty solutions they provide within their offerings.

Inquire about training and support systems in place

Two things you want to know you can fall back on after implementing your new EHR system are training and support. Even if you don’t need them, you should be able to take great comfort in knowing that both are there for you whenever necessary.

Make sure you know before making any decisions how much a vendor charges for each of these services. Often you can look at past customers’ reviews to get insight on the ability and overall helpfulness of the training and/or support team. If insight like this is readily available, that is your best resource as it is a first-hand testimonial on the efficiencies of the vendor’s training and support staff.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day this is a big decision for your practice, and will take some consideration. We always suggest that you compare your options and weigh vendors’ abilities and solutions with the needs of your practice. At American Medical Software, we have been providing our customers with the greatest value in the industry for over 34 years. Get yourself a FREE 5-minute demo so you can see how our UltraCharts™ system can serve your practice.

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