Selecting The Right EMR Software

Don’t believe all of the claims made by EHR software vendors. It is vital that you do your due-diligence, and research all different options before you come to a final decision. This goes for anyone considering a software system; whether you’re a small practice, family practiceOBGYNinternal medicine, etc. Let’s go into some common EHR selection mistakes so you can select the right EHR software the first time, and ultimately streamline your practice.

Look into the hype before you believe the hype

Some of these EHR systems have a ridiculous amount of resources – whether that be money, influence, investors, etc. Well, the people that give their money to these EHR vendors don’t get convinced because they believe their money is being sent to the most honest, forthright and efficient vendor; they believe their money is being sent to the vendor that will make them the most money. That money is often being used to pay actors to make claims via testimonials who aren’t actual users of the product.

A smart thing to do would be to contact others in your field to feel out the EHR software that they use. That being said, it may be difficult to fish that information out of a competitor, so it wouldn’t hurt to even reach out to practices around the country in a sort of cold call-type manner.

Consider the overall value

A lot of times when we make decisions, we are too keen to focus on individual features. We often find ourselves in the weeds of the product or service, that we don’t look at the big picture. Often it is beneficial to take a step back, and consider all of the features before making a decision. Your excitement over a handful of excellent tools and features could leave you blind to flaws or inconsistencies within the EHR system.

When sitting through demonstrations, take into account everything they present. In fact, it can be valuable to not even tell them what it is you are looking for in an EHR system. If they have knowledge of what you are needing, the individual running the demonstration will likely focus in on a select few features that will satisfy you and benefit your practice. Of course, they don’t bother to tell you any of the other features that may not match up with your other needs that you aren’t thinking about.

Don’t buy from a YES vendor

A yes vendor is someone that you catch never saying no, and often feeding your ego in order to – let’s face it – make the sale. A company that you feel comfortable working with should have policies and procedures offering realistic expectations. If you find yourself bargaining down a price and the salesperson draws the line at a particular price, that may not necessarily be a bad thing – unless of course that price is far over your price range.

Let’s face it, if you’re dealing with a vendor that is willing to discount a ridiculous portion of the cost, how efficient do you think the product will be? What is that saying about their own confidence with the product they are selling? You might think that your negotiating skills are stellar, but the likely case is that they are just working to make the sale.

So there you have it. Make sure to keep these ideas in mind when selecting your next EHR system. It may just keep you from making a decision that will be costly in the future. And if you happen to be looking for an honest and forthright partner who can provide you with a streamlined, comprehensive system, contact American Medical Software today and get a free 5-minute demo to see how the Ultra Charts™ system can improve your practice.

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