ICD-10 Deadline Approaches… but Help is Here!

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ICD-10 Deadline

“ICD-10 implementation is set to begin on October 1, and it is imperative that physician practices take steps beforehand to be ready.”
– AMA President Steven J. Stack, MD

With the deadline to begin using ICD-10 quickly approaching, practices that previously believed to be prepared are now realizing that they may not have foreseen all potential issues that will arise. Practices that have yet to begin preparing may be in a state of panic. But rest assured, there is still time and plenty of help available for the transition.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and American Medical Association (AMA) are helping physicians prepare for the coming deadline by educating providers through webinars, on-site training (where applicable and available), educational articles, and national provider calls. American Medical Software (AMS) is working parallel to the efforts by CMS and AMA to help practices with this transition to ICD-10 by continuing to provide ICD-10 capable software ahead of the deadline along with support for every active AMS client. AMS is also currently evaluating the idea of offering webinars to users on active support to also help with the transition. Continue to check both www.americanmedical.com and http://tech.americanmedical.com/ for updates on any possible future webinars hosted by AMS as well as updates on ICD-10.

Additional resources: CMS FAQs on ICD-10 (pdf)

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