medical office scheduling software explained

Do you wish you could manage your patient flow better? Medical office scheduling software from AMS can offer you the solutions you need. Hunting for the right appointments for patients, which fit with their schedules as well as yours can be quite difficult at times. That’s why our medical scheduling software allows you to continue searching for the next available appointment automatically, until you find perfect time.

Medical Scheduling Software

Our scheduling system is flexible too. The medical scheduling software can create custom appointment types with color coded backgrounds to communicate important information quickly and clearly. Other features include the Electronic Encounter, which tracks patients from the time they arrive in your office, until their charge is captured after the visit is completed.

Doctors medical software from AMS is built from the ground up by a team of dedicated experts, ranging from programmers and designers to physicians. We work hard to make our products work for you.

Doctors Medical Software

Just as our scheduling system improves the efficiency and functionality of your office, so do the rest of our products. All of our doctors medical software is integrated, which means that it builds a cohesive solution for you that gives you the ability to manage all necessary office tasks from a computer.

You can get a good idea of what our software looks like too. Explore our website for detailed screen shots highlighting different functions of our medical office scheduling software and all of our other modules. We are confident that you will like what you see. Call 800.423.8836 to learn more about how our products can work together to make managing your office easier.

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