Understanding EMR Electronic Medical Records

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understanding emr software

If you can read a standard medical chart, then you are capable of using our software. Understanding EMR electronic medical records is no different than working with older mediums, accept that computerized systems add functionality, and increase the speed at which records may be retrieved and updated.

Don’t hesitate to call 800.423.8836 with any questions you have about our products. We are an experienced EMR software vendor, with both technical experts and physicians on staff, and can address any concerns you might raise.
AMS: Experienced EMR Software Vendor

We take pride in that fact that we have been providing our clients in the healthcare industry with quality products at affordable rates since 1984. Just as your patients wouldn’t trust a doctor without experience, we wouldn’t expect you to trust the care of your patients to an untested EMR software vendor. Because we have been around since the beginning of the adoption of computers in healthcare, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs and concerns of medical offices adopting our systems. EMR electronic medical records contain sensitive information, and we want to assure you that your patients’ medical records will be safe when they are converted into EMR.

If you already use a computerized management system, compare our rates to those of your current provider. We are confident that you will see the value implicit in our product. Furthermore, we are experienced in data conversions, and may be able to transfer your existing data to our platform without any hassle. Our comprehensive training program will ensure that you fully understand all the features and functions of our software, and our continuous technical support will keep your system operating effectively.

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